Thursday afternoon at a home overlooking Lake Ray Hubbard, contractors and a designer worked frantically to finish up punch list items before the homeowner returned.

“She's expecting the kitchen to be done. The real surprise will happen when she walks back into the bathroom,” said Tracey Landry, interior designer at The Tiniest Detail.

After a two-week Alaskan cruise, Jennifer Cordts came home to a surprise.

Contractors from Granite Masters completed her kitchen renovation early.

She first shared her story with WFAA in May, her terminal diagnosis of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. It is a rare, often deadly disease, that can disguise itself as a skin rash or even a sunburn.

When contractors heard that doctors gave her three to five years to live, they decided to rebuild her master bathroom for free during the two weeks she was taking that cruise.

It is a project she did not know about and one that drew her to tears.

"I wish that I had the attitude in life that Jennifer has and just be more appreciative of what I have. That's really what she's taught me,” said Anthony Stevens, Granite Masters. "To see those tears, that's a great feeling because I know she appreciated every little thing that was done. I know that's the kind of person she is."

Beneath her new kitchen floor, scratched into the concrete, is a Bible verse from Exodus 14:14.

"It's 'The Lord will fight for you. You only need to be still.' That sort of resonated with me from the very beginning,” explained Cordts.

That scripture is the foundation of her fight in a newly remodeled home where she intends to live the rest of her life.