A newly formed parent and student group from McKinney North High School are calling on their school district to add metal detectors to all high school campuses.

The private Facebook group started Friday just hours after a sophomore student brought a gun into school and shot and killed themselves inside an empty classroom.

Seniors Dylan Dunn and Grace Kirkness weren't far away.

"It was quite the walk up call," Dunn said. "Being one week from graduating and having all this freedom – and thinking – it was almost taken from us."

That is why both seniors are pushing for change.

"We want metal detectors and (metal detecting) wands," Kirkness said.

Mike Timmons and his wife Melody Timmons are parents of one McKinney North student, and they started the Facebook group late Friday. By Sunday evening, the private group was approaching 350 members.

"Some people might say reacting to something that just happened Friday in the way we have may have been too soon, but I would respond to that by saying it’s not soon enough," Timmons said.

Governor Greg Abbott made metal detectors in Texas schools at the top of his priority list for school safety improvements unveiled earlier this week in Dallas.

Parents and students in the newly formed group say the addition of metal detectors can not come soon enough.

“It might be an inconvenience to some people but I’d rather be an inconvenience to people than having this happen again," Kirkness said.

The group says they plan to submit their safety recommendations to the McKinney ISD board meeting on June 26 if action isn't taken sooner by the district to address safety concerns.