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Husband of woman killed in Plano shooting: 'I lost a part of me'

"I lost more than a wife, I lost a part of me," Marcus said.

Marcus Bass and his wife Myah would always spend time by a water fixture just 200 feet from their apartment. It is a place they would go together often to just unwind.

"The babbling brooks, the streams, the waterfall, the fish...it was something that soothed both of us," he said.

They sat at that location after long days. Now he is there alone through the longest of days.

"I lost more than a wife, I lost a part of me," Marcus said.

Myah Bass was one of the eight people who went to a Dallas Cowboys watch party at a home in Plano on Sunday and did not return. Plano police say Spencer Hight went on a shooting rampage and killed his ex-wife Meredith Lane and her seven friends.

Marcus, an army reservist, was in Virginia on day 1 of training when he got the call. He didn't know until the following day on Monday that his wife of five years had died.

"For those six years we were together, we were still on our honeymoon," he said.

The couple just moved to Dallas. Myah was originally from El Paso, Texas, and Marcus was from Louisiana. Myah was working at a salon and doing cosmetology work while in El Paso. Marcus had spent more than 10 years on active duty with the Army.

He tells WFAA that Myah even helped him through his PTSD.

Marcus describes her as a loving and straightforward person. That worked well with Marcus who is calm and collected, but today, he was neither.

"It just gets me that she's not here no more that I can't spend that time anymore," he said.

See this pain, now multiply it eight times for all of the victims of this tragedy.

Click here for a GoFundme account that has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses.

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