A veteran roofer and independent insurance adjuster who has worked catastrophes across the country said he expects damage from the series of recent hail storms in North Texas to top $1 billion.

"Been in several storms throughout the country – Omaha, Atlanta, Kansas City – they aren't even close,” said Andy Dumas, SWAT Contracting of Fort Worth. “This is by far the worst I've seen in 15 years."

Considering what happened over the last few weeks, the streets in the Maxwell Creek subdivision are strangely silent.

"It is. You'd think you would hear hammers waking you up in the morning and putting you to bed at night but that's not the case. There's not enough to go around," added Dumas.

Hail damages could top $1 billion in North Texas after a series of storms. 

There are not enough insurance adjusters, contractors or roofers like him.

"You can stick your finger through where the hail hit,” he explained, lifting up a shingle with a hole in it.

Most crews are still working on last month's storm in other parts of North Texas.

Hail hit Tim Van Saders’ home on March 23. Insurance totaled his roof and required him to pay the $3,100 deductible.

"Yeah, we had that storm and a few nights ago on Monday second one rolled through," said Van Saders.

Hail damages could top $1 billion in North Texas after a series of storms. 

Twice in three weeks, hail hit his place hard.

Over the last 48 hours, most roofs have been tarped and windows boarded up. But homeowners in Murphy and Wylie could wait weeks for work to get done. The series of hail storms to roll across North Texas could keep roofers busy for two years.

"Everybody will be booked up for the next six to eight months at least but this storm will last a minimum of two years. It'll be that long," said Dumas.

He predicts damage will exceed a billion dollars once adjusters create the final tally. It’s the worst series of hailstorms he's seen in 15 years and storm season has several more months to go.