Fen Chen tells WFAA that she and her dog Buddy were inseparable. They would go everywhere on trips, even last week when the pair boarded a plane to the DFW area to see Fen's sister Fung Chang in Plano.

"He's a well traveled dog," said Iris Chang.

Fen is actually from Florida. Her hound-mix is a rescue and has been with her for 3 years.

"My dog is with me almost 24-7," said Fen.

What happened last week on her trip has been very hard to talk about. Fen had sent Buddy to Hideaway Boarding Kennel in Prosper while the family spent some time in Austin. The dog was dropped off Thursday. The kennel has been a place Fen's sister has used for years for her dog.

By Friday afternoon, they got a call from an employee at the kennel, notifying them that Buddy had run out of his enclosure.

"I hate to tell you this, but Buddy climbed the fence and ran away. I'm like 'Oh my gosh!'" said sister Fung Chang recalling the phone conversation with the employee.

The kennel confirmed to WFAA that Buddy had escaped that Friday morning. A manager told WFAA that multiple attempts were made over the course of hours to get Buddy back into his kennel. The manager told WFAA that the dog was running in a nearby field and scampered every time the door to the kennel opened.

"I was worried. I was really really worried," said Chen.

Fen says she received two calls on Friday afternoon but none after that. Chen says she tried to call all weekend to get updates, but says nobody answered the phone. The family had assumed her dog was caught and secure in the kennel.

"Well, that's a natural assumption. Otherwise, why wouldn't they call again?" said Chang.

The kennel told WFAA their phones were down. A manager admits they made a mistake in not updating the family enough over the weekend. Fen walked in Monday expecting to get her dog, but she was quickly told that Buddy was still missing.

Chang then received another call from the Collin County Animal Services. An employee with the County told her Buddy was hit by a car and killed near First Street in Prosper, which is not far from the kennel. The county tells WFAA that the dog's body was picked up Saturday.

"I was just shattered. The whole world just came down," said Chang.

The kennel manager tells WFAA that Buddy had jumped and climbed two, 6-foot fences to get out. The owner has a hard time believing that notion. Chang says while her dog is known to jump, she has never seen him jump very high or even climb a fence.

Super Tyler Ivie with Hideaway Kennel told WFAA "We are sad that this happened. Our hearts are hurt. You don't anticipate something like this."

The owner says she still feels in the dark. She says she still does not know how exactly Buddy got loose. She says the kennel did not react or respond as she would have liked.

"I don't think they showed enough empathy or sympathy toward me or Buddy," Chang said.

The dog's body is still with Collin County. The kennel tells WFAA that arrangements have been made to ultimately get cremated remains to the owner in Florida.