It is hard to deny what many have seen driving along State Highway 78 through Copeville and Farmersville.

"We're tired of fatality accidents," said Police Chief Mike Sullivan with Farmersville police.

There are markers of painful memories throughout Highway 78.

The Walkers decided 30 years ago to put down roots right alongside the state highway. They tell us back then it was a road barely used. They have now become accustomed to the sirens.

"We're used to working one or two a year," said Sullivan.

But over the last year the department has responded to seven fatality accidents. Farmersville is not all that big of a town.

Chief Mike Sullivan has 12 officers in his police department.

"People need to pay more attention because anything can happen," said Sullivan.

The Walkers pray before they leave the driveway of their home. Their hope is a car doesn't slam into their house of 30 years.

"We've had them go in the ditch before, late at night," said Camela Walker.

The chief says there is no one factor leading to these accidents. The population boom hasn't helped and speed has always been an issue.

"We're so much in a hurry. We get out in these areas and we're on our phones," said Sullivan.

The latest fatality happened last week. The markers for that accident are still fresh and will likely be replaced by permanent markers to remind everyone of the tragedy that has happened.