Daisy Mae, the one-year-old lab/retriever mix lost after a July 11 Plano car crash and then miraculously found alive five days later, is scheduled for surgery for a badly broken leg and recovering for the eventual reunion with her also injured, but now very thankful, owners.

Erica Cruz and Trenton Ray told WFAA last Friday they would need help searching for their dog. They both suffered back injuries, Erica with two fractures, when they were rear-ended by a large truck at the PGBT and southbound ramp to I-75.

The force of the crash briefly knocked them both unconscious. When they came to, they each had numerous scratches which they assumed came from Daisy scrambling to get out of the damaged car. She was riding in the back seat. But by the time firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene, Daisy was gone.

"There's no remains of her in the vehicle or at the scene," Erica told us. "She's out there somewhere and I just want her home."

Volunteers heard that call for help on TV and on social media. And Sunday morning, five days after the crash, led by the group Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue, they went looking for Daisy knowing that in accidents like this an injured dog wouldn't wander very far.

And they were right.

They found Daisy in deep brush along a creek that runs along the south side of the PGBT. She was badly injured, X-rays would later show a left femur broken in several places. But she was alive.

"Hi beautiful girl. I just spoke to your mama," one rescuer can be heard on a Facebook live session from the Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue group.

"What did she say," one volunteer asks.

"She was in tears," another volunteer answers.

Daisy is now in the care of a veterinarian. Surgery is planned for later this week. And when Erica and Trenton are healthy enough to travel, they plan to reunite with their dog soon as possible.

"I appreciate everything, seriously," Trenton Ray told WFAA. "I didn't know there were good people out there in the world."

There are. And they were willing to show it, for a one year old girl named Daisy.