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Collin County family of 10 displaced by fire days before Christmas

"I'm worried about my kids, my grandkids, and my mom," said Tina Esquivel.

NEVADA, Texas — Tina Esquivel is feeling a lot of things as she walks through her charred living room. There isn't much left after the Tuesday fire. What hasn't been claimed by fire, is drenched, caked with ash or ruined by smoke. 

"I'm worried about my kids, my grandkids, and my mom," said Esquivel.

The Esquivels have lived in their Nevada, Texas home for 12 years. The family of 10 has made many memories in the home, and they were excited to get together for Christmas. 

"We were all going to get together here. This has put a big damper on everything," said Esquivel. 

She said the house can be rebuilt, and said she's mostly thankful to have her family alive and well. She shared the home with seven other adults, including her three children, her mother, and two grandchildren -- ages 7 and 3 months. 

Esquivel was most concerned for her elderly mother, who is on oxygen and disabled. She was in the home at the time of the fire and was rescued by a neighbor named Matt Reising. 

Reising is a complete stranger, and a former Marine who sprung into action.

"I just pulled in, parked, I was on 9-1-1 and I heard voices. At that point, I went in," said Reising. 

Thanks to Reising, no one was hurt. 

Esquivel's daughter, who is expecting, was also in the home at the time of the fire. She is OK. 

There is never a good time to lose most everything, but there are worse times -- being that it's just days before Christmas. The gifts under the tree for the grandkids are ruined. This family of 10 is now split up -- staying with friends and other family. 

"Strike the holidays, just being together now... that's what we're worried about, just getting back together," said Esquivel.

She told WFAA that getting the home fixed up will take at least six months. Thankfully, they do have insurance. 

It's unclear what started the fire, but Esquivel said it is likely electrical.

It is in these times, in these holidays, we are reminded of what is important, and especially who. 

"I always fix everything, and this is one thing I don't know how to fix," said Esquivel. 

A funding site has been created to help the family with unexpected expenses related to the fire. Click here if you would like to donate. 

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