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‘I’ve turned pain into purpose’: Collin County mother's fight to protect kids at daycare heads to Austin

"It isn't enough to throw her in jail, that doesn't satisfy me," said Ariel Murphy. Murphy's son was a victim of a daycare worker, who was physically abusive.

COLLIN COUNTY, Texas — Ariel Murphy is what many would characterize as a very protective parent. With four children, she has certainly had enough experience under that title. 

This week, Murphy learned to what extent she'd go to protect her now 2-year-old child named Kairo. 

"He's definitely a two-nager," laughed Murphy.

WFAA has chronicled Kairo's story dating back to 2018, when he was first identified as a victim at a daycare in Collin County. Kairo's caretaker Jessica Wiese was ultimately sentenced to 20 years after injuring eight children. 

"It gives me chills down my spine. I get flashbacks of her in court," said Murphy.

In 2018, Murphy told WFAA that Kairo had eight broken ribs, four on each side, and a broken femur and two broken ankles. 

She still recalls the conversation she had with Wiese when she was told her son had a rough diaper change. 

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Three years later, Murphy knew more needed to be done beyond a conviction. Murphy worked with State Representative Scott Sanford's office to draft two House bills -- HB 4168 and HB4169. 

"I turned that pain into purpose. I was Googling in my bed with tears rolling down my face about what to do. It isn't enough to throw her in jail, that doesn't satisfy me," said Murphy.

HB 4168 would enhance a parent's rights to files, videos, even entry from a childcare facility. 

House Bill 4169 works almost like a "Don't Pass The Trash" bill for childcare facilities. It is essentially a registry of workers who have violations or pending criminal records.

"It's going to prevent bad seeds from going to different schools and doing this," said Murphy.

On Tuesday, Murphy and Representative Sanford presented in front of the House Human Services Committee in Austin. She is hopeful the bills moved forward from the committee. She hopes this will save another parent and child from having to go through the nightmare they've been through.

"They always say children are the future. This is how you protect them," said Murphy.

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