CLEBURNE -- When Charles Worlow died, his family realized he had a secret of sorts.

"I didn't want to go in there until my mom was ready to go in there because everything was just how he left it," Charla Howe, Warlow's daughter said.

Howe's family always Warlow was into model trains, but it wasn't until his death two years ago that they realized how much of an enthusiast he really was. Eventually his hobby moved out of the house and into this work shop.

"They had their own home, that was his 'dog house' he called it," said Joyce Worlow, Charles's widow.

Inside a workshop in the family's backyard, they found this replica of Cleburne -- a project 40 years in the making. The model track follows every twist of this historic railroad town.

Worlow was a career police officer, but as a young man he worked for the Santa Fe Railway. He grew up and moved onto a career in law enforcement -- but always kept his passion tracks.

A passion that is now on display.

His family donated his collection to the American Heritage Railroaders Association -- it found a vacant room inside the Cleburne Friends of the Cultural Arts building.

Volunteers spent the last three weeks transforming this empty space into a showroom. The 22-foot-long replica was taken apart and reassembled.

"It just looked like it did in his train building, it just brings back all those memories, the just start flooding back and it just does something to your heart," Joyce Worlow said.

Later this month it will go on display for the public. Something his family says he could never have dreamed would happen.

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