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This North Texas city is moving to a 4-day work week for some city employees

The city says the goal of the trial, kicking off May 28, is to improve the work-life balance of its staff.

KELLER, Texas — No work on a Friday? Sign us up!

One North Texas city working to make this a reality.  

The City of Keller has announced a trial period for a four-day work week for its city employees in certain departments -- including employees at Keller Town Hall, within its municipal services and in the records department of the Keller Police Department. 

The city says its hours will change beginning May 28, when the trial begins.

In its announcement, Keller officials said some of their city employees are actually already in four-day work schedules, in areas like public safety, IT and community facilities.

The trial period is set for four months. The city says, during that time, it will be looking at retention and staff productivity, and will also ask employees where they think a four-day work week could be successful long-term.

The city says the goal of the initiative is to improve work-life balance for its staff, citing additional fuel and utility savings as bonuses for employees.

“We’re competing for employees just like everyone else against both the public and private sector, and as an organization, we need to continue to adapt to the needs of the modern workforce,” City Manager Mark Hafner said in a tweet Tuesday.  

Hafner said he hopes the four-day work week move will also improve “efficiency in areas like public works and park maintenance.”

Keller City Council will hold a meeting on Oct. 2, 2022, to provide feedback and determine whether to continue with the new work schedule.

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