Dallas Police Chief David Brown on Friday thanked the city for its support after what he called a “well-planned, evil tragedy.”

A total of 14 people -- including 12 officers -- were shot Thursday night in an ambush on police in downtown Dallas. Five of the officers died.

The ambush took place during a protest against police brutality in the wake of two incidents in which officers killed black men earlier this week.

With an increasing prevalence of anti-police sentiment nationwide, Chief Brown said Friday that members of his department have grown accustomed to working a thankless job.

“In the police profession, we’re very comfortable with not hearing 'Thank you,' from citizens especially who need us the most,” he said. “So today feels like a different day than the days before this tragedy.”

“Dallas is a city that loves,” Brown said.

The chief added that the department won’t rest until “everyone involved” in the ambush is brought justice.

“We are determined to not let this person steal this democracy from us,” he said.

Brown thanked state and national law enforcement officers that assisted in response to the ambush that played out overnight.

His speech came during a roughly hour-long vigil at Thanksgiving Square in Dallas. Mayor Mike Rawlings, community and faith leaders took the podium in front of a large crowd.

Rawlings said that racial tensions continue to divide the city, the state and the nation. However, he said now is a time to defend the “99 percent of officers who do their job professionally.”

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