DALLAS — Fans across the world are celebrating the return of Game of Thrones for one final season, but fans in Uptown Dallas have a place where they can celebrate in true Westeros style.

The Ill Minster Pub has decked the walls of their brick dungeon-like atmosphere with Game of Thrones pictures, sigils, and other décor. They even have a replica of the Iron Throne which has become a hit on Instagram.

“A lot of the stuff we bought on Amazon and some of it was custom made,” said bar partner Patrick Gormon.

Since they already had the medieval, dungeon theme, Gormon said it was an easy transition to turn the bar to a Game of Thrones shrine, of sorts, and now they’ve transformed the bar, they might keep it that way.

“Initially, we were going to take it, but we feel Game of Thrones has become such a classic and a hit and it already fits the feel of our bar already.”

Even the menu has adopted a Game of Thrones look with a special cocktail menu named after characters such as the “Sarcastic Tyrion.”