BURLESON, Texas —Is the small community of Burleson the luckiest place in North Texas?

Within a month, two winning lottery tickets worth $1 million were sold in town.

The first was a Powerball ticket sold Jan. 10 at a 7-Eleven near Renfro Drive. The second was a scratch-off sold at DJ’s Corner Food Store on Wednesday.

Denise Chaney, a clerk at DJ’s Corner Food Store, showed WFAA a picture of the winning ticket.

Though, lottery officials in Austin said the prize money hasn’t been claimed just yet.

Chaney said that she sells a lot of lottery tickets, but never sees many winners. “I usually see a lot of sad faces, but this was an unbelievable face,” Chaney said.

According to Chaney, she sold the winning ticket to a Burleson woman. She didn’t get her name but said it was a well-deserved win—adding that the woman said she was a mother of three.

“She comes in here a lot, and she said that she was a mom who could now afford to buy her daughter a car for graduation,” Chaney said.

In July of 2016, a $1 million Powerball ticket was sold at an Albertson’s in town.

And everyone in town remembers the lotto controversy from 2009, a winning ticket worth $7.1 million was sold at Super Big Country Mart on the edge of town—but it went unclaimed.

For a town with under 50,000 residents, Chaney said that Burleson is full of luck. “Burleson is the luckiest town in Texas,” she said.

Customers have flocked to DJ’s Corner Food Store since the win. On Friday, many said they came there knowing that a winning ticket was just sold.

“Usually when a store gets a winner, there will be other big winners too,” one customer said.

The Mega Millions lottery is tonight and the jackpot is $136,000,000. Saturday is the Powerball drawing, and the jackpot currently sits at $184,000,000.