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Boba tea: A Taiwanese drink that's all over Dallas-Fort Worth

Originating in Taiwan in the 1980's, boba is embraced in the DFW area. The team at Boba Republic in Allen love to share this Asian culture through a cup of tea.

ALLEN, Texas — Boba tea, also known as bubble tea or pearl milk tea, is a daily dose of caffeine that's grown in popularity across Texas. 

It originated in the 1980's in Taiwan and is a cultural food that is embraced in Dallas-Fort Worth.

At Boba Republic in Allen, David Kim, a partner, said half of their clients are regulars. The other half are new customers, often trying boba for the first time.

His team starts more than hour before the store's operating hours so the boba can be cooked and ready to serve by the time doors open.

"We make several batches throughout the day," Kim said.

Boba has a few primary ingredients, including brown sugar, tapioca starch and water. It's commonly paired with black or green tea, but the flavor options are limitless. Boba Republic's strawberry matcha drink is a customer favorite, too.

It's possible to make the boba at home, but it takes a long time and can be difficult to perfect. 

"If it's too cold or too hot, it will mess up the texture, and it's only good for a few hours max," Kim said.

The texture and sweetness has to be just right in order for it to taste good. It's why Kim encourages people to visit them at Boba Republic, where they have a set recipe. He loves to share the love of boba with anyone who is willing to give it a try. 

Boba Republic opened its first location in Allen and has since expanded to a second location in Plano.

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