Three officers and another man were hurt as a bizarre scene unfolded at an Arlington home Monday afternoon.

When Arlington police arrived at the scene of an attempted suicide call at a home on Carla Avenue, they found a man doused in gasoline and threatening suicide. As officers communicated with him, he poured more gasoline on himself and began acting “frantically,” according to Arlington police Sgt. Vanessa Harrison.

The man was holding what was believed to be a lighter in one hand, Harrison said.

An officer deployed a Taser to subdue the man, and both the man and the room inside the home were engulfed in flames.

Harrison said it’s not clear if the Taser ignited the fire.

“We know that a Taser can have some other implications, but we also know that he had something ignitable in his hand,” she said.

The man was taken to the hospital in an unknown condition. Three officers were being treated for smoke inhalation and are expected to be OK.

Officers worked immediately to put out the flames and “attempted to stabilize” the man, Harrison said. One officer pulled the man through a window and out of the burning home.

Three other people were at the home when officers arrived, but all none of them were inside when the fire broke out.

Police have been called to the home before and a warrant was out for the man’s arrest on family violence charges. No other information about the man was immediately available.