ADDISON -- After three terrorist attacks in three months, the terror level in the United Kingdom is now raised to “severe,” leading to increased warnings about traveling to Great Britain.

Even before the most recent attacks, the United States Department of State issued a travel alert back on May 1 warning tourists of the potential of terrorist attacks in the U.K.

It could take some time before we know just how much the attacks and the accompanying advisories affect travelers’ decisions to visit Great Britain, but Bob Campbell with Campbell Travel believes it could be a similar reaction to a run o terror attacks in France during 2015 and 2016.

“I talked to a number of different hoteliers and their business was down 20 percent,” said Campbell about his recent trip to Paris. “They were desperate to get business back up because it took a hit.”

French tourism officials estimated hundreds of millions of dollars lost because of the decline.

Such a downturn could create travel deal opportunities for those willing to stick to their plans. So far, Campbell said he has not had any cancelations to the U.K., but the decision might vary based on the type of traveler.

“I think your real experienced travelers know this kind of situation could happen anywhere, so I think they will keep traveling," he said.

Terror in Europe might increase the number of travelers taking time to register with the State Department and invest in travel insurance, according to Campbell. Notifying the State Department allows a traveler to receive alerts, as well as provides the government with a way to track and contact them in case of an emergency.

Travel insurance typically costs between four and 10 percent of the cost for the entire trip, and can help cover medical expenses, flight changes, or other unexpected events which might happen.