GALVESTON, Texas -- Love it or hate it, brown water is the normal sight on Galveston Beach.

But not this past Memorial Day weekend. Images and video of blue, clear water have gone viral, and many people just can't believe it.

Jake Andrews took the following aerial photos and shared them with KHOU 11 News. He says his band "Sol Flair" was playing in Galveston when they noticed how blue the water looked on Memorial Day.

Photos: Aerial photos of the blue, clear water in Galveston

And Cameron Holmes’ video of it posted to Twitter got plenty of “You lying, bro,” comments.

Dr. Tom Linton, a marine biologist and Texas A&M University-Galveston professor says wind and current determine how brown or clear the water appears in Galveston. Usually, Spring rain sends mud from area rivers that flow into the Gulf of Mexico. Currents bring even more mud from the Mississippi River.

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However, this year, a gyere in the Gulf drifted north. Currents changed and brought water from the south and less mud.