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A Dallas man got probation for stalking his ex-wife. Then he dyed his hair and did it again, officials say

Judge Angela Tucker sentenced Damon White to 20 years in prison, the maximum allowed by law.
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MCKINNEY, Texas — A Dallas man accused of repeatedly stalking his ex-wife, including changing his appearances while he did so, was sentenced to 20 years in prison this week, prosecutors announced.

Damon White, 50, was convicted on charges of burglary, stalking, repeated violation of a protective order and criminal mischief, according to a news release from the Collin County District Attorney's Office.

The release said White stalked and harassed his wife after their 2019 divorce and then received probation. While on probation in 2021, he continued to harass his ex-wife and her family, at one point White "issued a graphic threat to kill the victim" over the phone, the release said.

Police tried to find White, but he cut off his GPS leg monitor, which was part of his probation terms.

Authorities eventually found White's vehicle in Allen, and police relocated the victim and her family to a safe area.

White was arrested on Oct. 30 on a new stalking charge. When he was taken into custody, he had changed his appearance, cutting his hair and dying his hair beard, officials said.

While White was being sentenced, prosecutors had evidence from his cell phone, which included "harassing text messages" to his ex-wife and Google searches for "spying on someone's phone" and "reverse license plate search."

Judge Angela Tucker sentenced White to 20 years in prison, the maximum allowed by law.

“This stalker used probation as an opportunity to make life hell on earth for his ex-wife," District Attorney Greg Willis said. "He inflicted years of harassment and threats and made her feel unsafe wherever she was, including in her own home."

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