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'I just kept saying no, no, no': Father found son in middle of street after he was hit by a car

A Celina Father says he wants a four-way stop sign at the intersection where his son was hit by a car.

CELINA, Texas — Scott Enriquez was on his way to pick his son up at a basketball court near his house in Celina.

”I saw a kid on the other side of the crosswalk over there and he was laying there unresponsive,” said Enriquez.

The child had been hit by a car. 

Enriquez started to call 911 but someone else was already on the phone with them so he kept driving to pick up his son.

”When I got there he wasn’t there and I started calling him and I realized he wasn’t answering the phone and that’s when the realization hit me that it could be him,” said Enriquez.

He ran over to where the accident was and reality hit him.

“And I turned around and ran over there, where the kid was and when I knelt down there, I realized that it was my son laying there on the ground,” said Enriquez.

He said all he could do was shout his son, Zane’s name.

"All I could say was 'no, no, no, no' and my son’s name over and over again."

His son suffered a concussion, a bruised kidney and injured his pelvis.

Enriquez says the intersection where his son was hit is dangerous.

It’s right near a school but there is no four-way stop.

”As far as we know right now the driver of the car just didn’t see him.”

The area is not part of the City of Celina instead it’s part of a Municipal Utility District which means the homeowners association is in charge.

Residents say they’ve been asking for months for a four-way stop sign that would keep people from speeding through the intersection.

”I think a four-way stop not only protects the kids but it’s going to protect us as adults driving to prevent this happening as well,” said Patrick Griffith, a neighbor.

In an email to residents, the president of the homeowners association said a traffic study would need to be done before a stop sign could be added. They have planned a meeting for next week.

Enriquez hopes they do something. So no parent has to go through what he has been through.

Celina police declined to cite the driver who hit Zane. State law gives pedestrians the right away in crosswalks.

Neighbors started a GoFundMe Account to help the Enriquez Family. Click here if you'd like to donate. 

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