Birdville ISD said it has disciplined a teacher for handing out a questionnaire to sixth grade students that asked them to rank their level of comfort with people of different races, ethnicities and sexual orientation.

The "How Comfortable Am I" questionnaire was distributed to one class at North Richland Middle School on February 7.

Ashley Brent said she was shocked when her 12-year-old son came home and showed her the questionnaire.

“I wasn’t ready for my son to be exposed to these type of things," Brent said.

The assignment follows a list of 41 scenarios that asks students to rank how comfortable they are with each, ranging from 1 "not comfortable at all" to 4 "completely comfortable."

The assignment includes statements like "a friend invites you to a gay bar" and "your sister invites her new boyfriend to dinner. He is a female-to-male transsexual."

"Her giving this out without the consent of the parents, it's unbelievable," Brent said.

Birdville ISD told WFAA in a statement the survey was not developed or distributed by the district.

"We agree the survey was not appropriate and disciplinary action was taken," spokesman Mark Thomas said.

The district would not elaborate on the discipline administered, citing personnel matters.

A middle school teacher in Florida was fired in 2017 for presenting the same questionnaire to students there.