Two students were arrested and nobody was injured in a shooting Monday afternoon outside of Seagoville High School, Dallas ISD officials said.

School district officials said that a student, who was with a group of students, shot toward another group outside the high school during school hours. Officials said nobody was hurt and that the shooter shot at the ground toward the other group "in an attempt to scare them as opposed to caus[ing] harm." 

Both middle schoolers and high schoolers were involved in the incident, which took place around 3:20 p.m., while the high school was still in session and the middle school was about to be released for the day. During the shooting, the whole school was placed on a lockout. Everyone has since been dismissed, school officials said.

Parents have been notified of the shooting, officials said.

Officials said the two students who were arrested will probably face consequences with the school district as well as the law. 

Officials are trying to determine if the student who shot the gun had the weapon on them throughout the school day. 

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