LEWISVILLE, Texas — A 15-year-old teenager was watching a movie at Cinemark Movies 8 in Lewisville with her family when she stepped out to use the restroom.

Emmalyn said she then noticed a man in the hallway wearing black skinny jeans, a Carhartt jacket, a golfer's cap and mangled Converse shoes. She thought nothing of it and continued to the restroom.

"I heard the loud heavy footsteps," she said. 

She was in the stall of the bathroom when she looked down and noticed the same shoes pointed in her direction. Then Emmalyn said she looked up. 

"I saw the shadow of his head staring over the stall watching me the entire time," she said.

Emmalyn said she was more angry than scared. She said the man left the bathroom quickly after she spotted him and she followed him out to get a better look. She said he stuffed his phone in his pocket and fears he took photos or video of her while in the restroom.

Emmalyn said she came face to face with the man. She drew up a sketch and gave it to the Lewisville Police Department.

According to officials, police are investigating and working to collect more information. Police only know of one incident involving this man.

If anyone else had contact with the individual, they are asked to contact Lewisville Police Department at 972-219-3600 or 1(800)388-TIPS.