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Can't get a costume due to supply chain issues? A 100-plus-year-old costume shop in Dallas might be your lifeline

The Halloween & Costume Association represents more than 30 costume companies with over $3 billion in cumulative sales and says vendors are facing a shortage.

DALLAS — Lately, the word "shortage" has been attached to so many products due to the nationwide supply chain crisis that doesn't appear to be getting any better. 

As Halloween approaches, costumes are the latest victim. 

The Halloween & Costume Association represents more than 30 costume companies with over $3 billion in cumulative sales and says vendors face a shortage.

The association chairman has told numerous outlets that the shortage isn't just about getting a product from point A to B. 

Gregor Lawson also said shortage issues could be attributed to vendors underestimating demand earlier on in the year. 

The CDC also essentially said that trick-or-treating is okay with a few safety caveats in the shadows of COVID. 

For Michael Robinson, all this news simply means a busy October. 

Robinson owns the Dallas Costume Shoppe in Deep Ellum. It has been in the city since the early 1900s. Robinson purchased it in 1997 and currently provides costumes for many theater groups in the North Texas area year-round.

It's been a tough year for any business, but specifically, Robinson took a decent punch from COVID-19 because so many plays and productions were canceled because of the virus. 

Now that those shows are happening again, and the CDC has given the green light to trick-or-treating, Robinson is extra busy this October. 

"We've had a great response," Robinson said. "I love Halloween. I love customers who come in here and try stuff. They don't want to go to a party and look like 20 other people. They want a unique look."

Unique is putting it lightly if you want a costume from Robinson. The shop has costumes and clothing from different decades and can assemble the look you want to achieve. 

A lot of their business is by appointment only now, per Robinson. 

"It's a one-on-one with them, and we pull a collection of clothes for them to try on," Robinson said. "We have generations of customers that come to us. People come in, and they're overwhelmed. They see things they want to try on that maybe they weren't thinking about before coming here." 

When it comes to the costume shortage, Robinson is helping out folks however he can. 

"I have been getting calls from people that ordered something, and their party is this weekend or next weekend, and it's not here. It's not coming," Robinson said. "The supply stuff is an issue this year." 

The excellent news about Robinson's shop, it is rent-only. So he has a lot of inventory and doesn't rely on shipments every year.

"I know some of the other costume shops that rely on that, so we're able to help folks out if they need a look," Robinson said. 

If you want to try on a new look or get a costume last minute -- the Dallas Costume Shoppe is at 3905 Main Street. It's easier if you email ahead of time, however.