LEWISVILLE -- Behind beautiful North Texas Neighborhoods are HOA’s who keep it that way. In Lewisville’s Chase Oaks neighborhood, the board had problem with a particular house on Witherby Lane.

It wasn’t the huge pile of dirt in the driveway from foundation work, but something much more personal to the family inside, still recovering after losing their youngest daughter.

Anistyn Ragan died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS at three and a half months. It happened in December of 2016 and grief spared no one.

"We have our daughters in some counseling because they were witness to it," said Megan. "And they still talk about her and remember everything that happened."

Irie is three years old. Aviaina is four and in love with the mail. So Megan's husband Joshua dreamed up away to keep three sisters connected through writing letters lovingly left at the end of their driveway in what they call the 'Mailbox to Heaven.'

"In a way it keeps her alive for us as well," said Joshua. "In that way she’s a part of our lives."

The girls draw pictures, hearts and write letters...and they love it. The Ragan's say before construction they notified their neighbors about it via Next Door and their local United States Postal Service office. They say neither had a problem.

Chase Oak’s Architectural Control Committee did, according to a phone call Joshua says he received last week.

"He went on to tell me that the reason they’re not approving it because if they did it would drive property values down significantly."

HOA’s do have the final say when it comes to what properties look like. WFAA called Chase Oaks' for comment, and hours later we and the Ragan’s learned that special mailbox was approved by the board for the next 6 months.

The board also said in a letter to the Ragan's, shared with WFAA, that it has no words express its sorrow for their loss. Still the family says there is no timeline for their grief, or the best way they’ve found for two sisters to remember the third.