BULVERDE, Texas - Kids are helping dogs at the Bulverde Area Humane Society while working on their reading skills at the same time.

A volunteer program allows kids to read to dogs in their kennels to help the dogs become more social and more friendly when interacting visitors.

"By the end, it's quiet and the dogs are content," volunteer coordinator Liz Riley said.

BAHS employees said, often times, dogs arrive at the shelter nervous and scared. They said the program is working wonders.

Once the dogs become more comfortable with the kids, they can go inside the kennels and pet them as they read.

"You've got kids who enjoy reading. You've got dogs, before you know it, snuggling up to the kids. The impact for both is a win-win situation," Riley said.

"It can help them by teaching them that some people aren't going to hurt them and that people love them," sixth grade volunteer Ellie Eckles said of the program.

Riley also brings her fifth-grade daughter, Abi, to volunteer and read to the dogs. She would encourage other families to do the same.

"They come up to you, and they don't growl [anymore]," Abi said.

A typical visit lasts about an hour for the volunteers, and the humane society has been hosting the kids over the summer and during winter break.

"We even had an adoption done right away because a person fell in love with a dog that they were reading to. That's pretty exciting," Riley said.

BAHS is a no-kill shelter and hopes to host more volunteer hours like this in the coming months. Check back on the humane society's website and Facebook page for future dates.