FORT WORTH, Texas -- Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich shops, known for their extra speedy delivery service, were apparently a little too aggressive for two downtown office buildings in Sundance Square.

On Wednesday, tenants at both the Wells Fargo and Bank of America towers were informed deliveries by the popular eatery are no longer allowed.

Specifically, the letter says the delivery people "...have not operated to the standards we expect in a Class A office building. We have multiple instances of reckless behavior, safety violations and vandalism to our property."

A Sundance Square spokeswoman said the letter would be their only comment on the decision.

The two towers, which have defined the city's skyline for decades, are filled with thousands of tenants.

One employee of a business told WFAA they were "...very surprised" by the announcement, and that most folks seemed to think the entire thing was kind of comical.

Matt Brane, the local store owner of the Jimmy John's near Sundance, released the following statement to WFAA:

“Once our team found out about our delivery driver’s actions, we terminated the driver immediately and offered to help clean up any damages. This was an isolated incident by one ill-intended employee and we apologize for these actions. The orders that we receive from these two towers are important to our business. We will continue to work towards a positive resolution with Sundance Square Management.”

It wasn't immediately clear what the latest incident was that prompted the letter.

Tenant letter obtained by WFAA
Tenant letter obtained by WFAA