FORT WORTH -- Police are turning to social media to help solve a bizarre robbery of an expensive guitar.

Police uploaded surveillance video to YouTube and Facebook on Monday which they say shows a man walking into a Guitar Center in North Fort Worth about a week ago and literally pocketing a guitar.

"I mean who can stuff an entire guitar down their jacket and make it out of the store? It's kind of hard to believe," said Officer Tamara Valle.

Valle says the specific model of guitar, a Tobacco Sunburst Fender, is worth at least $1,700.

A police report from the incident indicates that a store manager thinks the man in the video came into the store, grabbed the guitar, and then placed it elsewhere in the store before returning to collect it.

In the video, the man is seen walking into an area of the store where the guitar is concealed behind a display rack.

But Valle says it shows enough of him putting it under his baggy clothing that they're confident he walked out with it.

"You figure somebody would see it immediately but watch that video," she said.

Local management and Guitar Center's corporate office both declined to comment.

Anyone with information on this suspect is asked to call robbery at 817-392-4616.