FORT WORTH -- In the wake of the serial bombing attacks that spread fear and terror throughout Austin, leaders 190 miles to the north in Fort Worth want to make sure their city is prepared should a similar event play out.

On Tuesday, the fire department will brief city leaders on how a similar series of attacks would be handled in Cowtown.

The city's bomb squad, or Explosive Ordinance Device team, is technically under fire department control. The EOD consists of six technicians and three K9's.

Mayor Betsy Price, who was in Austin for SXSW during two of the explosions, says she thinks local first-responders are ready.

"It makes you very nervous for citizens in your city," said Price. "Our guys have been visiting with Austin and federal partners."

Councilwoman Gyna Bivens said since 9/11, emergency and disaster preparedness in Fort Worth has been evolving.

"Our plans haven't stayed stagnant since the day after 9/11. We continue to update," said Bivens.

She wants to hear more about how bomb squads across the region-there are ten in North Texas according to city documents-might coordinate if a wide scale attack occurred.

"We have to remember, this is a region," she said.

Chief Pat Vasquez is expected to cover how their squad would fit in with the city's larger All Hazards Emergency Response Plan, which covers natural, hazmat or terror situations.

If necessary, the city would activate its Joint Emergency operations Center for fire, police, MedStar and federal officials to coordinate responses.

Last week, Lt. Ed Fishman, the bomb unit's commander, said it's more important than ever that folks be aware of their surroundings, especially when it comes to packages.

"There are some signs. If a package has stains, or an unusual odor. Handwritten delivery information," Fishman said about potential red flags.

He also advocates a "See something, say something" mentality.

The city council will gets details on preparedness during its Tuesday pre-council session, which is open to the public.