The only person working harder than cupid this week may be a man in Dallas named Daniel Gomez. On the days surrounding February 14 he's at his office early and doesn't leave until after midnight.

"I'm actually calling in some guys to help on Valentines Day," Gomez said.

Gomez isn't a florist. He doesn't run a romantic restaurant. And he's not the tenor in a singing telegram quartet. So why is he so busy on a day celebrating love? Because, he's a private eye who specializes in finding out if spouses are cheating.

"This is a real thing people want to know. These are questions that keep people up and night," Gomez said.

Gomez says the week surrounding Valentines Day is the busiest of the year for "infidelity detectives" like him. He's booked all week with clients still calling to try to fit in last minute work.

"Well this year Valentines is on a Wednesday. That mean cheaters have a week to make their move and to get it done," Gomez said.

Gomez's path to "infidelity detecting" is a long and winding one. He started his career as a Dallas police officer. He worked patrol for ten years before moving to the private sector.

Soon he realized most of his clients were looking for the same thing. They wanted proof their spouse was cheating. That specialty eventually lead Gomez to a prominent 17 year stint on the show "Cheaters."

"People always want to know what that was like. I can tell you I've got a lot of stories," Gomez said.

Like any good spy Gomez uses gadgets to help him collect evidence. He says his top tools are a small "GPS" device, an application that recovers deleted messages and small recorders that collect conversation.

"You have to have the spouse actually install them and use them. I can't do that but I can help my clients get to the truth," Gomez said.

While most people find Gomez' line of work interesting are a good source of "juicy" anecdotes he says it provides a real service for husbands or wives desperate to know the truth.

"These people are in love. If it wasn't a serious conversation they wouldn't call me. They would break up," Gomez said.

In some cases incriminating photos of a liaison can also be leverage that results in big wins during a divorce.

Regardless of the outcome Gomez says he's on the side of the truth.

"You can be the last to know or the first to know. It's your choice," Gomez said.

As for his Valentine's plans, he'll be making sure yours are on the up and up.