A volunteer group in Collin County has reached its busy season as more and more people are looking to relocate snakes that find their way on properties across North Texas.

If you have a snake that you need relocated in Collin County you can go to their Facebook page and post a picture, and the volunteer group will attempt to dispatch a crew to your house to pick up and release the snake to a place away from people.

Elizabeth Evans has been a volunteer snake relocator since 2016.

“I love all God’s creatures, all of them. And this is something that I do because it’s something I can do to give back,” Evans said. “I can help people, I can help animals, both of them are usually afraid of each other.”

“We try really hard to relocate snakes within a mile of where we found them,” Evans said.

This week Evans went to a home in Plano.

Sagarika Rayakota had two large snakes in a chair on her patio.

“They were quite big,” Rayakota said. “At least three-and-a-half to four feet, the female. The male was a little shorter, two and a half to three.”

Evans got the call to go and relocate the snake.

“On our team I was the person that was available for us to go get it,” Evans said. “When I went out and got a peek out the window I could see that it was some harmless Western Rat snakes — those are non-venomous.”

Evans relocated the snake nearby.

“The person is happy and the snake is happy so I’m happy,” Evans said.

“For the service that they do I think a simple thanks wouldn’t be enough,” Rayakota said.