Interstate 30 in Arlington is usually busy with zip-and-zooming cars on weekend nights, but there won't be any action there this weekend.

Crews are getting ready to demolish the old, outdated SH-360 frontage road bridge that runs over I-30 in Arlington. And in order to do that, they need to close down I-30 eastbound and westbound, between the George Bush Turnpike and Collins St.

"What we're taking is an old turnpike configuration from the late 50s and making it into a direct connect interchange," TxDOT spokesman Val Lopez said recently on a segment the city of Arlington puts out called "Ask Arlington."

Until 5 a.m. Monday, drivers will be diverted onto Division if they're going eastbound and 180/Main Street if they're going westbound.

Officials say they chose this particular weekend to close I-30 because there weren't any big events happening in the Arlington entertainment district. That was important, because this is going to be a headache, but one TxDOT believes will be worth it.

"We are modernizing what we think is the crossroad of the metroplex here," Lopez said.