Mega March 2006 drew 500 hundred thousand people to downtown Dallas with no problems.

Organizer Domingo Garcia expects the same for Mega March 2017.

"We expect to have a very safe and uneventful march. In 2006 half a million people attended there were no one arrests, not one incident and we plan to repeat that,” said Garcia.

Garcia says his group has hired off-duty security officers and has trained a hundred volunteers on crowd control.

The organizers have also been working with DPD.

"We are bringing in hundreds. It will be a combination of on duty and off duty."

The police department will have officers everywhere looking for any signs of trouble. 

Unlike past marches where DPD kept a low profile this time there will be a strong show of force.

On everyone's mind is what happened on July 7 when a peaceful protest was interrupted with violence by a loan gunmen who ambushed police officers killing 5 of them.

So Sunday officers will have their riot gear and high powered rifles.

"We will also have a contingent of body camera officers for capturing intelligence and information. So we will have a combination of rifle and body camera trained officers,” said Assistant Chief Santos Cadena.

Police are prepared for counter protesters including open carry groups.

Organizers urge people to leave their weapons at home and bring their patriotism instead.

"This is a peaceful march. This is a march we are asking everyone to dress in red white and blue for the American flag and to only bring American flags cuz it's really about American values."

DPD says they feel confident this will go off without any problems. Organizers do to.