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Hundreds of crosses to remember dumped dogs; problem still plagues Dowdy Ferry Road

The volunteers have counted every dog carcass they've found since 2015.

DALLAS — There were more than 400 small white crosses, each placed in plastic flower pots, lining a full mile of Dowdy Ferry Road in south Dallas over the weekend.

And although it’s something Jeremy Boss has done now three different times, he'd like to hope he wouldn't have to do it at all. "The placing of the crosses is awareness," Boss said of the third annual effort by his group the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission.

The volunteers have counted every dog carcass they've found since 2015. Evidence that has led the city of Dallas to install surveillance cameras, and led Boss and his volunteers to install a series of hidden cameras of their own to catch people in the act dumping trash, and dumping animals. "I have found some incredibly heartbreaking things," said Meagan Probus of the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission of the dogs she's found discarded in trash bags, boxes, and simply dumped along Dowdy Ferry. "So we combat this in order to save as many lives as we can."

"The problem absolutely has not been solved," Boss said. In fact, while removing the 400-plus crosses after the weekend display, they found another dead dog. And, as of Tuesday, the total found since the display of crosses was removed has grown to eight.

"And it's only Tuesday. So from Saturday to today, that's three days we've got eight more dead dogs that we have found," Boss said.

But Jeremy Boss believes his army of volunteers, the hidden cameras that both he and the city have installed, are making a difference: making dog owners, and abusers, think twice. "Well, I'm seeing some changes. I'm seeing some progress. Slow progress is better than no progress."

Progress, they'll keep fighting for, until they don't have to place hundreds of crosses here anymore.

Click here for more information on the work of the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission.

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