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BUY NOW: $20 off four Ninja Solar LED Garden Lights with free shipping

It's that time of the year! Finally! Yes! Can you tell I'm excited?

For weeks I've been telling many of you to avoid purchasing any solar lights or garden-ready LEDs due to expected price drops. That patience will pay off today.

As a home-owner with a garden that needs some LED TLC and someone who is out and about as early as 3 a.m. due to my TV and travel schedule, property lighting is of the utmost importance to me.

In the two decades that I've been hunting down deals, I typically rely upon those solar planted garden lights which serve their purpose but I have found something better this year.

The Maxsa Ninja Solar Powered LED lights work on concrete, decks and in gardens. You can use them on grass or soil, and they emit much more light than those typical solar planted LEDs.

This deal I found today scores you four deck lights which can serve as an accent light or to illuminate dark paths or steps. If trips and falls are a concern on a staircase, this would also be a great way to go. 

These deck lights can be either set on the ground or mounted to any flat surface. They also come with integrated mounting holes and mounting screws included.

Click the play button to see these lights in action!

Features of the Ninja Solar LED Garden Lights:

  • Can be used flat or mounted; mounts as easily as a picture frame
  • Waterproof and weather-proof
  • Lights work 9-12 hours after just one day of sunlight
  • Lights can be used in soil, grass, hung or on a deck or concrete
  • Can also be used as accent lighting on a table or patio
  • Light sensor mode automatically activates lights when it's dark
  • A brighter property deters theft; great for late-night arrivals at home
  • Water-resistant IP65 that is safe for storms, snow, rain or sleet
  • Can also be mounted on railings or the side of a home

BUY NOW: $20 off four Ninja Solar LED Garden Lights with free shipping
MSRP: $59.99
Was: $49.99
Now: $39.99


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