Believe it or not, hula hooping is making a comeback!

A quick search online turns up everything from the basics to the breathtaking.

“It evokes this memory of playing as a kid,” said Hoop Instructor Geri McNiece, who was a twirler in her teenage years.

Fast forward to 47 and McNiece started hooping. Now at 59, she’s rallying others to join her.

“It’s a hard sell because people think they can't do it,” McNiece said. “They think they're either too uncoordinated, too fat, too old.”

McNiece says hooping is about going with the flow and dropping your guard.

“I just concentrate on the things I can do,” said Jere Luttner, 65, who needed to do something after a total shoulder replacement.

“I found that some of the hoop movements when I started getting back would really help my rehab because it was opening up my arms, my shoulders and everything.”

The benefits reach far beyond that. Hooping is a total body workout. It gets your blood flowing, strengthens your back, arms, core and legs. Not to mention the graceful movements keep joints fluid and the body nimble.

“I don't want to think about [how] I'm getting older,” McNiece said. “I want to be reminded that I'm young. I'm young right here,” she said pointing toward her heart. “And I feel younger when I'm doing it!” 

So loosen up… and give hooping a whirl!

Geri’s Hoop Shack is in Arlington, Texas. You can do classes with her in person or online from wherever you live.

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