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Warm spell brings along wicked allergies

No, it's not in your head if you feel sick when the weather fluctuates

FORT WORTH, Texas — At the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Monday, people seemed to relish the rare 80-degree February day. 

But it seems the heat has brought along a sniffly side effect.

"Stuffy nose, sore throat," said Mackenzie Bonham, who was visiting the rodeo.

"Stopped up stuffy nose at night and sneezing all day," added Dane Knight.


They are, in fact, the most common ailment they see in the first aid room at the Will Rogers Coliseum. 

"The biggest thing we see in here," said registered nurse Jim Forrester.

It's true, says allergist Dr. James Haden: A quick winter hot spell like this means mountain cedar pollen is rampant.

"With the weather changing as it has been, cooler then warmer, wetter and drier, the pollens change too," Dr. Haden said.

And indeed, the fluctuating weather, from cold to hot to cold again, does do a number on your nose.

"It doesn’t like that, and it'll punish you by causing more congestion, drainage and sneezing," Haden said.

Out at the rodeo, allergy aids were as common as cowboy boots Monday.

"All my children have allergies of every sort and every kind," said Terry Level, who showed us her backpack full of allergy medications. 

Haden urges people to safely use nasal rinses and allergy medications. 

"It's an allergy nightmare out here," Forrester said.

But until it turns cold again at the end of the week, just know - you're not alone.

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