When Haley Capri started her business, Deep Ellum Yoga, her goal was to make it unique. Which is why she offers classes like gangster rap yoga and sky yoga at the top of Reunion Tower.

But her newest class at Eastbound and Down Icehouse might be the greatest of all time.

Goat yoga is just like typical yoga. Except while participants do yoga, goats do, well, whatever goats do.

“It’s just tremendously joyous. You can’t help but smile when you’re around these beautiful creatures,” Haley said.

Haley got the idea for goat yoga after seeing videos of it online.

“Selfishly, I created it cause I wanted to do goat yoga,” Haley said.

So, she went looking for goats.

“It was serendipity. She was into it and I was into it,” said Kevin Smith, who provided the goats.

Kevin runs Cathy’s Critters with his wife. He had goats and, secretly, a dream for farm-inspired yoga.

So Haley scheduled a class for later this month, figuring by then she’d find at least a few people to try downward goat.

“Enough to get 10 or 20 together for a class,” Haley said. “I had no idea it was going to be this exciting or popular.”

The class sold out in a couple of days. She’s since scheduled five more classes. All of those sold out in hours.

Haley admits goat yoga may seem a bit silly, but her purpose behind it is serious.

“Yoga is what you make it,” Haley said.

Goat yoga
Goat yoga

Much of the money raised will be given to local charities and she plans to support the local art community by inviting artists and musicians.

Best of all, Haley hopes anyone who’s never had the goats to try yoga before. Maybe now they will.

"People who perhaps have been intimidated by the yoga culture, who have never wanted to try it before, this is maybe giving them a reason to think about it or try it for the first time," she said.

Or, at the very least, get a good laugh.