A new treatment claims to help you lose inches with no pain and without hitting the gym.

Our money saver Laura Thornquist checked it out and got us a big discount, if you want to try it yourself.

Warmer temperatures often means less clothing. And if you’ve got some handles you don’t want hanging around this summer, consider a strawberry.

Nah, not the fruit, silly -- strawberry laser lipo!

It’s FDA cleared and claims you just lay there and let it do the work for you. We checked it out at Fit & Fancy in Grapevine with Leah Euston.

Tip number one: Wear comfy clothes, like a sports bra and workout pants.

Tip two: Wear deodorant... Enough said.

The process is pretty simple: You get marked up for measurements, paddled up, and just lay there for 10 minutes.

It feels like a heating pad and a great time to grab a quick nap.

Euston says you can treat most any body part. All those little lasers penetrate the skin and make the fat cells drain and shrink, thus shrinking the entire area.

Add a little shake at the end (which mimics exercise and flushes out the lymphatic system), and in 30 minutes, you'll be noticably thinner.

The FDA says the fat shrink is temporary, but if patients watch their exercise and diet, it should stick.

But what does it cost? It can vary from clinic to clinic, but on average, it costs about $1,000 for 8 sessions.