By 42, life caught up to Sha Roehm.

"I had to start going to a cardiologist because I thought there was something internal going on. I hit a wall," said the wife and mom who struggled with anxiety.

She's not alone.

According to the American Psychological Association, 75 percent of adults report experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month.

"If your mind is unhealthy, your physical body is going to be unhealthy," said Chelsey Charbeneau of Mastermind in Dallas.

Mastermind is a relatively new concept in boutique fitness: a studio that exclusively offers guided meditation. There are no treadmills or pilates reformers. This is a gym for your brain, designed to quiet your relentless mental chatter.

Meditation classes are guided by trained instructors. You can choose to sit or recline -- whatever is more comfortable for you. There are no phones allowed in the meditation room. No shoes allowed. No talk about religion or politics. All that's required is breathing.

"Even if they know they can do this at home, on an app or with a video, they may not have the peace and quiet that they need or the environment set up to make them feel comfortable," said Charbeneau, 34, who moved from Los Angeles to Dallas to help get the Mastermind concept off the ground in Texas.

"It kind of clears the space a little bit," said Hal Penchan, 32, after his second meditation class.

The busy husband and father of two young children works in real estate and comes to Mastermind with colleagues from work.

"Whether it’s the middle of the day or morning or middle of the week – it’s a good reset, refresh."

The effects of meditation on the brain are undisputed.

"It actually stimulates or increases the vagal nerve tone, and it naturally will lower heart rate, it will naturally lower your blood pressure, and it will naturally lower those cortisone levels and bring things back into a normal state," said Dr. Melita Williams, who is on staff at Texas Health Plano.

Roehm has it figured out. She's made meditation a daily habit. Her health has improved and so have her relationships.

"My husband has seen changes in me, my daughter -- I’m not yelling or screaming or anything like that now," said Roehm, who is finding time to do everything she wants by setting aside a little time -- first-- for herself.

For more information on meditation classes at Mastermind go here.