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How's this for a resolution? McKinney couple gets gastric sleeve surgery – together – on NYE

For Chris and Sara Peterson, 2019 will bring an end to a long battle with weight gain.

Chris and Sara Peterson saw the years pass by and priorities change. The couple of 18 years say the focus has always been on their four children.

"The kids, they're so busy and active and we really hadn't put time for ourselves," Sara Peterson said.

But on Monday, she and her husband spoke from a hospital room at Medical City Plano – where both had gastric sleeve surgery.

It was a decision the McKinney couple made together: To be serious about weight loss and have the major surgery, which involves removing most of one’s stomach.

"I'm excited to get it done and start on our new journey," said Sara.

The Petersons told WFAA that, over time, the work-outs got harder to get to and fast food came too easy. But this new journey started weeks before the New Year’s Eve surgery. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner were very different this year with new pre-operation food restrictions.

"A big bowl of chicken broth...it was so good,” Sara said with a laugh. “We sat there and ate while the family ate their brisket meal.”

The surgery happened at the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at Medical City Plano. To understand why the surgery needed to happen, look no further than their four children. Chris said he wanted to be there when their children played sports and got married.

"That's my whole world,” he said. “All my children are.”

The Petersons say this surgery is only a tool, and the rest is up to them. And like with the surgery, accountability for this new start and New Year will also happen together.