It might seem a little chaotic at first: moms inside malls, with strollers, snacks, diaper bags and toys-- exercising with their little ones.

"A lot of the kids work out with us," Christina Fritz said.

But this is just life as a mother.

"This is mom life," said Mara Vallo, while nursing 7-week old Sienna.

Fritz is the owner of a moms fitness group called Baby Boot Camp in Plano and Wiley. The ladies and their babies get together every week inside The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano.

"We focus on pre- and post-natal fitness," said Fritz, a mom of two. "None of us wanted to put our kids in daycare or we can't afford to go to the typical gym."

The workouts are different every day. Between squats and pushups, there is the occasional diaper change or temper tantrum. But everyone here understands. They're all in the same boat just trying to do something good for themselves.

"This is my second round," said Vallo, who is just coming back to boot camp postpartum. "The good thing about this is you don't have to feel pressured to perform at a certain level. You can take it at your own pace no matter your fitness level."

Take a stroller lap to the other side of the mall and another mom group is sweating it out and singing simultaneously.

"We have two stroller-based classes: stroller strides and stroller barre," said Quinn Persinger, owner of Fit4Mom West Plano.

"After I had Penelope, I was trying to get back in shape but it didn't seem like anything was working," said Persinger, whose background as a teacher and volleyball coach led her to pursuing this passion of teaching fitness with adults and kids.

Classes incorporate functional movements for mamas, and add games, stories and songs to keep the babies engaged, too.

"So, these are movements that we do every day: squats, picking up toys, lunges, aerobic twists using the obliques," Persinger explained.

There are no cliques or competition within these groups. Fit4Mom's mission is building strength in motherhood.

"It's nice to meet other moms who are in the same season as you," said Mary Korobov, 35. "I need exercise and I need a way to socialize, not only for me but for my son."

While the children enjoy playing, they're also learning about fitness and self-care.

"He's so amused by the other kids and we do so many things that are interactive with them," Korobov said of 16-month old Kaden. "He thoroughly enjoys it."

So does mom.

"You about lose your mind and then your emotions are all out of whack if you're nursing and trying to get your body back and trying to eat well and do all that. You need a way to vent and to know that you're not crazy," Korobov said. "You just had a baby, you're okay."

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