Sonia Azad's "fitter together" challenge is back, and an inspired group of North Texans is ready to crush 2019.

The grassroots wellness campaign is now over 1,000 members, and they're not just here to lose weight. 

They're hear to make significant, positive impact on their lives.

Sonia brought back four women who participated in various fitness challenges in 2018: 

-LaToya, who works out at Orange Theory Fitness

-Veronica, a regular at F45 Fairview 

-DeeDee, a die hard at Burn Bootcamp in Flower Mound 

-Stephanie, who dedicates at least 5 days a week to classes at GRIT Fitness

Each participant had her own goal in mind. 

"My weight has always been an issue," said Deedee, who lost 11 pounds in the first fitness challenge. "I would like to see the numbers go down on the scale." 

Veronica had a similar experience in 2018's challenge, having seen the numbers move on the scale. 

"I lost a lot of weight! And even after we finished the challenge, I kept losing weight," Veronica said. 

The women committed to meal prepping, monitoring their water intake and honoring themselves by making time for exercise at least 4 times per week. 

LaToya, who works as a nurse in Dallas, recruited two girlfriends to keep her accountable. Together, they would exchange text messages before dawn to make it to classes. 

"Workouts are hard, and sometimes you don't want to get up," LaToya admits. "Sometimes your alarm goes off and you just want to sleep for another hour." 

 But, she and the other women stayed the course and it paid off. 

DeeDee acknowledges that the double fitness challenge inspired a whole new lifestyle for her and contributed to her 26-pound weight loss. 

"I watch my protein intake, I count my calories... I gave up sugary drinks," DeeDee said. 

Their posts in the Fitter Together Facebook page helped to keep each other accountable, and motivated others as well. 

"I find it so encouraging," Stephanie said. "I like to know what else is going on [around DFW], what other workouts, what you're doing, what your goals are and how I can implement that into my lifestyle." 

Go here to join the Fitter Together 2019 Facebook group.

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