The Oran Roberts Elementary School on Grand Avenue opened its doors to parents and their children for a Dallas ISD Family Connections Wellness event on Saturday.

The main hallway of the school was packed with those who specifically showed up to receive a free flu shot.

Israel Santos, a parent at the event, said with the recent rise in flu deaths he wants to take every precaution possible to protect his son.

"Right now a lot of people are getting sick and children are getting sick," Santos said. "I do not want that for my son."

Event organizers said more than 200 children received a flu shot. Mari-Carmen Eroles, a family management manager for Dallas ISD, explained that health is their No. 1 concern.

"We wanted to make sure our kids are protected and that they can get the vaccination, that it's free to them, so we partnered with Care Ban to offer it," she said.

Patti Kloepfer, a registered nurse, administered the flu vaccinations. She said the flu season is not over just yet.

"Before you know it we will be out of the vaccine in places and it's going to be a little bit too late,'” Kloepfer said. "The flu can go on into March and April."

The current flu death toll in Dallas County is 49. In Tarrant County, 20 people have died from the flu virus, while seven have died in Collin County and five have died in Denton County.