According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 20-to-25 percent of orthodontics patients are adults.

If you’re not thrilled about spending years with a mouthful of metal, there’s an FDA-cleared technology that works with braces to straighten smiles faster than braces alone.

Timothy Ingram wanted his smile to reflect how much he loved his bride-to-be.

“I didn't really enjoy smiling too much before,” Ingram said. “I had some bad canines that were crooked and I had an overbite.”

Timothy Ingram
Timothy Ingram

Ingram said the thought of getting braces as an adult made him nervous, but he went through with it. Then, he got engaged.

After seeing engagement pictures with braces, Ingram wanted them off before the wedding.

“I wanted to have that relief, where I could put my guard down and not try to be hiding my smile anymore, but just come out with it,” Ingram said.

So, he tried something called AcceleDent, which orthodontist Dr. Deepak Gupta said allows the teeth to move quicker. It’s a hands-free mouth piece that vibrates, stimulating bone and surrounding tissue on a cellular level.


“You gently bite down on the mouthpiece for about 20 minutes a day,” Dr. Gupta said.

He says with the device, you could straighten out your smile in half the time than with braces alone.

“[Patients are] able to move on to the next step in their life much sooner without braces,” Dr. Gupta said.

Dr. Deepak Gupta holds an AcceleDent device.
Dr. Deepak Gupta holds an AcceleDent device.

The progression of Ingram’s teeth in less than a year is quite telling.

“That wedding day, you can't go back and relive it,” Ingram said.

He's now one year into his marriage. He looks back at the photos and can’t help but smile.

“Being able to go back and look at those pictures and know that my smile was complete by then is just a miracle," he said.

The equipment is not covered by insurance and prices will vary. Talk to your orthodontist if you are interested in trying AcceleDent. Click here for more information.