When their youngest daughter was born, Aaron and Kari McCoy of Dallas had no idea how much their lives would change. They had no idea why the God they loved would allow any of this to happen.

“I hated God. I hated Aaron,” Kari said.

“It was very difficult on our marriage,” Aaron added.

During the delivery, their daughter Claire McCoy’s skull was fractured. As a result, she developed cerebral palsy. She couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, and couldn’t see.

“I thought why would a good God allow my daughter to be so injured?” Kari asked. “Why would he allow this to happen?”

Claire McCoy

That anger raged for months. Until, finally, they decided to let it go and have faith.

“Do you want to be angry your whole life?” Aaron asked. “You have to realize God is in control of all things.”

It was when they did that they realized just how much life had changed for the better.

Today, Claire is 15 and she’s taught them so much about love. And now, Aaron, Kari, and their other daughter Lilly, can’t thank god enough for being Claire’s parents.

“We are who we are because of her,” Kari said. “We wouldn’t change a thing. Not one single thing.”

“She has served an amazing purpose in life and she is so loved,” Aaron said.

Aaron says, over the years, many people have seen Claire’s joy and been changed.

“People who don’t even know her have said they’re praying for her,” he said.

After making it this far, Claire’s life is in jeopardy again. Her kidneys are failing, her body is shutting down, and her personality is no longer shining through.

For two years, Claire has been on dialysis. But that’s only a temporary fix. She desperately needs a new kidney. Not long ago, they finally found a suitable donor.

Claire will go in for surgery on Father’s Day -- and so will her dad.

“What greater gift can a father give his daughter, his child, than the gift of life?” Aaron said. “It’s a sacrifice I’d be willing to do all day long.”

When Claire was born, Aaron and Kari couldn’t understand why this happened, but now they know.

“This was His will. Claire is His perfect creation,” Aaron said.

Which is why this family will be eternally grateful to the father who gave their daughter life.