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VERIFY: Answering more of your coronavirus questions

Is loss of sense of taste and smell a symptom of COVID-19? Can mosquitoes carry the coronavirus? Can dogs get COVID19?

If you keep sending questions about the coronavirus we will keep answering. So, let's take a look at three of your questions with public health expert, Dr. John Carlo. 


The first question comes from Denise Lusby, who emailed, They are saying that a lot of people lose their taste and smell due to the coronavirus. 

Are those symptoms of COVID-19?” I asked. 

That's something we've picked up that's rather interesting. We are seeing that report,” Dr. Carlo said. 

NBA player Rudy Gobert, who tested positive tweeted: "…loss of smell and taste is definitely one of the symptoms, haven't been able to smell anything for the last four days." 

The professional body of Ear, Nose and Throat doctors in the UK says there is good evidence of this phenomenon coming from patients in South Korea, China and Italy. However, it "could merely reflect the attention COVID-19 has attracted in the media…" 

It is something that we have recognized that as a possible thing to ask in addition to looking for other signs and symptoms. But it's one of those things we don't quite know yet what to make of that,” Carlo said. 

So, is loss of sense of taste and smell a symptom of COVID-19?  

At this point, that's unknown. There's just not enough research. 


Next question.  

Jana asks, “Can mosquitoes carry the virus for COVID-19? 

Dr. Carlo says that’s very unlikely. 

This is a respiratory virus and we've never seen a coronavirus ever be transmitted form a mosquito before,” he said. 

In fact, the World Health Organization says, "To date there has been no information nor evidence to suggest that the new coronavirus could be transmitted by mosquitoes." 

So, can mosquitoes carry the coronavirus?   

The answer is no. 


The last question is something we’ve heard a lot. 

Mike, on Twitter, wants to know, "Can my dogs get COVID-19? 

The government of Hong Kong reports two dogs have tested positive.  One was Pomeranian that tested "weakly positive" for a low-level infection using a sensitive test. 

But that's the extent of any evidence and it's a tiny sample; not enough to change the scientific conclusion that the coronavirus is only known to spread from human-to-human. 

We don't think that's something that would cause an additional infection. So, the answer now is probably not that pets are at risk,” Carlo said. 

So, dogs cannot get COVID-19However, experts still want to know more. 

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