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Texas ranks No. 20 in U.S. for percentage of available vaccines used, data shows

As of Jan. 5, Texas has used about one-third of the vaccines that have been distributed throughout the state.

AUSTIN, Texas — According to a KVUE Defenders analysis of data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Texas ranks 20th in the U.S. for the percentage of available vaccines that have been used in relation to the number of vaccines distributed.

As of Jan. 5, Texas has only used about one-third of the vaccines that have been distributed throughout the state, according to Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) data. State data shows 439,502 doses administered out of 1,333,450 doses shipped. 

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Several other states are in the same ballpark as Texas when it comes to vaccines administered, including Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Minnesota, Utah and New Jersey, which have all administered about one-third of their available vaccine doses.

The CDC data shows that South Dakota is the state administering available vaccines the fastest, with 65% of available vaccines administered. New Hampshire is in second place at 56%.

New Hampshire 53,675 30,035 56%North Dakota 40,825 22,358 55%Connecticut 149,900 81,970 55%Iowa 120,175 60,137 50%Vermont 33,925 15,955 47%Tennessee 328,500 154,184 47%Maine 70,150 32,150 46%Ohio 359,800 163,130 45%West Virginia 126,275 56,664 45%Montana 52,450 23,526 45%South Carolina 146,250 61,797 42%Rhode Island 55,600 23,151 42%Colorado 281,900 114,555 41%Nebraska 90,875 36,753 40%New Mexico 106,425

The states with the slowest vaccination rates are Arizona and Georgia, each with 16%, and Kansas, in last place with 15% of available vaccines adniminstered. 

The CDC data shows that a total of 17,020,575 vaccines have been distributed nationwide as of Jan. 5, and of those, 4,836,469 doses have been administered.

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