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When applying for a job, should you put your vaccination status on a resume or cover letter? Here's what experts say

And, do employers have the right to ask you for it? WFAA spoke to an employment lawyer, and a hiring firm to get answers.

DALLAS — When applying for a job, should you show your coronavirus vaccination status on a resume? And, do employers have the right to ask you for it?

WFAA spoke to an employment lawyer, and a hiring firm to get answers.

 “We are working with a lot of companies, “ said Rob Hill, from Hire Dynamics.

Hill is a manager for Hire Dynamics, a staffing company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

When looking to hire, vaccination status is often discussed.

“At this time, day and age, we’re transparent, it’s a hot topic with everybody we are talking with,” said Hill.

With hundreds of jobs open and with the labor shortage, Hill suggests that folks applying for a job should show their vaccination status on their resume, or LinkedIn page.

“For those that have been vaccinated, that feel confident about it, it helps them stand out in the work force, and remove some barriers for them,” said Hill.

But on the other hand…

“I think voluntarily showing your vaccination card will open up claims of discrimination for folks as early as the preemployment stage,” said Rasha Zeyadeh Thompson, an employment lawyer with Rob Wiley, P.C. in Dallas.

“The issue that I foresee is, for the folks who can’t get vaccinated because of a disability or a religious belief,” said Thompson.

However, the Biden administration is requiring businesses with 100 or more employees get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or get tested weekly.

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Which leads us to healthcare workers who are applying for a job? 

“Employers can ask this question, but they have to be careful on how in depth they go,” said Thompson.

Thompson said, it can be a simple yes or no question. 

“The reason for that is because they can solicit information that can ADA, which is the disability act,” said Thompson.

Over at Hire Dynamics, when a candidate is applying for the job, the first step is making sure they have the skillset, then the hot topic comes up.

“As we’re qualifying the candidate and we’ve identified that there is a potential for this candidate to be a match for the open position, then we talk about the requirements,” said Hill. 

In the end, Thompson, and Hill said, if you’re comfortable, then show your vaccination status. 

“Stay positive, and stay true to who you are,” said Hill.

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