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COVID-19 vaccine wait times are becoming shorter in Denton County

Denton County Public Health needs more people to register.

DENTON COUNTY, Texas — Wait times for the COVID-19 vaccine are getting shorter in Denton County, according to Dr. Matt Richardson, director of Denton County Public Health.

“Right now we’re looking at a one to two week wait, and that wait is shortening every day,” Richardson told WFAA. 

It comes as the vaccination site at Texas Motor Speedway is handing out close to 12,000 doses every day, and processing recipients in under half an hour, according to Richardson.

“It’s really going well,” Richardson said. “We’re proud of that we want to keep that going.”

The last thing the county wants is to have more vaccines than recipients waiting to get them. That’s why the health department is urging people to register. 

“It’s really time to get vaccinated,” said Richardson. 

It’s not just an issue of supply and demand. Despite seeing a steady drop in COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks, hospitalizations in Denton County are holding steady at around 6%. 

“We’d like to continue to see those decline, unfortunately they haven’t,” said Richardson.

Getting those numbers to where they need to be will take residents continuing to follow mask and social distancing guidelines, and registering to get the vaccine, according to Richardson. 

“Our waitlist is starting to shorten, so we’re really encouraging people to still sign up if you’re over 50 years of age, if you have a chronic health condition, or if you are in the healthcare field. You’re eligible, sign up and we’ll get you taken care of,” said Richardson.

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